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A Hot Towel shave from the barbers point of view.

Have you ever heard of a old school hot towel shave from a barber? looking into getting one? Check out this video of Kodythebarber doing a POV hot towel shave. filmed on a gopro. https://youtu.be/tcRFYWGBI88

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Mayweather pays how much for a haircut? Isn't he bald?

Reportedly Floyd Money Mayweather pays 1,000$ a few times a week for what i assume is a head shave. What a lucky barber! Get the full scoop here. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2640379-floyd-mayweather-reportedly-pays-for-multiple-1k-haircuts-every-week

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Matte black Combos are sold out. New styles coming soon.

The Matte black combos have been a huge success with KTB Barber Supply we quickly sold out. There is light at the end of the tunnel! A reorder of the combos and two more different style sets will be launched soon! Estimated by the end of May 2016. Thank you for waiting a choosing KTB Barber Supply.

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Top 10 hair clippers for men.

Barbers know best when it comes to hair clippers and trimmers, weather you are just knocking your beard down or going to cut your own hair here is a video that can help you pick a decent pair of clippers.

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How to shave yourself with a straight razor.

barber hot towel shave straight razor

Being a barber every now and then a client ask me about saving himself with a straight razor although i would recommend it is not for EVERYONE to try doing because it is so easy to cut yourself. Sometimes its best left up to the professionals. If you were looking to pick up one of my razors to shave yourself check out this video by one of my favorite other barbers "The Nomade Barber"

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