6" Japanese Stainless steel KTB Shears Adjustable tension knob.

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KTB's High quality professional hair cutting shear for a great affordable price. These 6 inch shears are the standard in any barbers tool box use for the bulk cutting of a scissor haircut. These scissors were made and designed from a professional barber for professional barbers and cosmetologists as well.

Why should you buy KTB shears over another brand?

-KTB only uses the HIGHEST quality of Japanese stainless steal with a perfect chromium level in the metal to prevent brittleness, keeping any professional covered during one of those accidental drops without worrying about them shattering like glass.

-KTB's manufactures have a 12 year experience MINIMUM before they are aloud to sharpen or work on the shears.

-KTB's products are developed by professionals taking everything into consideration for professionals.

Did you know some shear manufacturers use left over lesser quality metal for the mechanics of a shear? ( tension knob and pinky tang ). KTB is proud to say we use HIGH quality J.S.S for the entire product! You do not have to worry about the pinky tang falling off again and again or the tension knob bending on the inside and not being able to correctly adjust your shears!

**High quality metal tension knob**

**High quality pinky tang**

**420C J.S.S metal quality with perfect chromium level**

**Affordable price with a long life of many haircuts**

**Comes with cleaning and oiling kit!**

** KTB assurance as part of a striving 5 star up and coming brand i offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all items, even after that i will not leave my customers hanging! I am a barber and i support my industry and want every customer of my brand to be completely satisfied with their orders. Orders in united states qualify for free shipping. international rates are available.